Services & Solution


Dedicated Internet Access

Rego Communications’ dedicated internet access service, with its incredible speed, maximum resilience and extensive coverage, is designed to the highest level of performance and availability. Its international backbone network provides customers superior connectivity and future-proof scalability. This solution is uniquely suited for advanced services requiring the best service metrics available.Rego Communications provides 24/7 professional support at exceptional cost benefit.

Ethernet Solution

Ethernet Transport System is becoming more and more important as an access technology, because of its reliability, and cost-speed ratio. ETS is ideal for transporting broadband multimedia traffic.Businesses are increasingly embracing Ethernet services because of its numerous benefits and cost efficiency. Rego Communications offers terminal multiplexing services to build a point-to-point SDH transmission network. We also provide a compact, cost effective and flexible solution to deliver multiple Ethernet channels.

Co-location Sharing

Rego Communications offers different colocation sharing services and types of space in the rack, suitable for all business types. It also provides data centers, with multiple redundant submarine cable backbone along with satellite based connectivity to keep service up and running at all times.

IPLC Services

IPLC, International Private Leased Circuit, is a point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between its geographically dispersed offices throughout the world. Rego Communications provide IPLC services through multiple submarine cable systems in different zones of the world. IPLC services can be used for Internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing, and any other form of telecommunication.

Domain & Hosting Solution

Rego Communications offers domain and hosting solution for corporations and web hosting resellers in Bangladesh. Its multi-server state of the art hosting infrastructure provides fast and secure web hosting at a very low cost.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based services demand dynamic network delivery options that traditional networks are not designed to handle. With more businesses sharing applications distributed across a global footprint, enterprise networks need be designed to handle multiple or shared critical applications, many requiring different connectivity needs. With specialized corporate user applications, Rego Communications’ unique cloud-ready network solutions provide the ideal infrastructure to enable companies to virtualize centralized off-premise software applications.Focused on premium service delivery, putting network security, visibility and scalability at the forefront, Rego Communication offers companies an optimized solution ideal for cloud-based applications.


Enterprise Network Solution

Enterprise network is becoming increasingly more central to core business efficiency. A key strength of Rego Communication’s offering is the ability to provide customers with high speed, high performance custom network solutions, with multiple services from a single port on the network. This allows customers to aggregate point to multi point Ethernet private line services, high performance IP Transit and cloud connectivity across a single infrastructure, greatly simplifying the deployment, ongoing management and supplier relationship management.

Wholesale Solution

Rego Communications provides Wide Area Network services needed to build a reliable, resilient and cost-effective network. Using its own global Carrier Ethernet backbone and access to services forms,Rego Communications can provide Wide Area Network services to enterprises under any circumstances. In addition, it supports customers’ needs with 24x7 NOC and optional managed network services.